Welcome to the Class of '76 Web Site. You'll also find us on the ning.com community. This has
only just been created and membership is by invitation only. Eligibility is restricted to all who
attended Year 10 at
St. Pius X and St. Paul's College, Kempsey in 1976.

Email me if you would like to become a member of the Class of 1976 ning community and I'll
send you an invitation.

You'll find various items of interest, including a few pics taken from the reunion night in 2006.
I've received some more email addresses from Beth - thank you! Has anyone else got
some more pics or email addresses?

Jerseyville Bridge

There is a link to a list of all our names from the year 10 class of 1976. This list can contain
email addresses (only if authorised by the individuals).

A few of the email addresses I have were returned undeliverable - these were supplied to

Macleay River

me at the 2004 mini reunion and may have been changed since then. They are:

doogle@midcoast.com.au (Cathy Martin)
welsham@midcoast.com.au (Annette Welch)

Kempsey Post Office

There is also a page on the mini-reunion held in 2004 containing pics of those who attended
(group & random).

A brief history of our school is also linked.

Any anecdotes of the old school days may be interesting????

Any old photos (gif, jpg, bmp, or tiff formats please) of the school, students, teachers, excursions,
etc would be great! Remember - this site can only be maintained if there is input from us all.

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